Saturday, 16 August 2008

Big Water, Big Fish

The rain has been challenging to say the least recently. At the times the River Exe had to be in excess of 4ft over summer levels if not more. It was quite simply blasting its way through and during an abandoned fishing trip recently all I could do was stand and watch in awe at the power wondering just how many Salmon were on their way to the moorland tributaries!

The inclement weather has made a lot of fishing very tough on rivers and even saltwater fly fishing opportunities are being dashed by the moment. Many estuaries where usually the chance of a Bass on the fly is very high at this time of year are useless due to the suspended silt discharged into the area by the river. I am all for wrapping up warm, getting out there and getting on with it. But ... the current British weather is curtailing options.

However it is certainly not all doom and gloom. Exe Valley Fishery is looking superb now the Aqua Tractor has done its thing and the low temperatures make for highly oxygenated water. This means the fish are happy and has lead to the capture of some fine specimens including these two weighing in at 8lb 8oz and 9lb 8oz. The fish below was taken last weekend when the sun came out for at least 10 minutes!

Join us on Saturday 30th August 2008 for our open day and try catching one for yourself during our competition running throughout the day. The entrance fee is just £10.00 plus a two fish permit and the best bag on the day will win a Hardy Demon Fly Rod worth £279.00!

During the week we have taken another influx of budding new anglers attending our popular fly fishing courses and I have been out and about working on a new project that is proving to be a challenge but very rewarding. As the rain clatters down once more I feel a cup of tea coming on and the need to find a book picturing some very large Bonefish in a very hot country. Will we be blessed with an Indian summer? I hope so.

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