Thursday, 7 August 2008

Exe Valley Clean Up

Small waters suffer during the summer months, although this year I do wonder if the weather we have experienced could really be called summer! Even so the higher temps, coupled with lower flows and de-oxygenated water do lead to the nightmare that every fishery manager seeks to avoid ... WEED!

In particular Exe Valley suffers from low level weed that then attracts an algae which coats the vegetation resulting in something akin to thick cabbage soup. This causes terrible problems for anglers when fishing and trying to land Trout. So something had to be done because over the last few years we have attracted a great following of anglers to the fishery and owe it to them to maintain the fishery as best possible.

Research lead us to the people at Kingcombe Aquacare who have a quarter of a century of knowledge and experience in the field of maintaining and improving waterways. In particular I was attracted to a curious looking contraption known as an "aqua tractor". To better explain how this works tomorrow I will post up some video footage of the machine in action and also the results of two days spent navigating the lake.

There will be further details here and on my other sites soon regarding the open day we have coming up on Saturday 30th August 2007. Plus the Hart Flyshop club launches and we have more news regarding Exe Valley including the revamped website. And finally if you have chance to get out on the River Exe it is worth leaving the Trout rod and targeting Salmon. There is a Grilse run happening and on Tuesday evening I fished with good mate Mike Boniface who hooked a nice fish despite very coloured water conditions. He had it on for a while, but the fish went berserk and then slipped the hook requiring a beer afterwards to steady his nerves!

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