Sunday, 10 August 2008

Rivers in Spate

Just back from my trip with Dave Sedgwick. I guessed the river would be high but the Mole was daft! At least 12" up on last week, even the access points were flooded and so pretty quickly we abandoned ship after a bit of casting practice. Fishing in a section just below the stretch pictured here Jim Parrot took a couple of Sea Trout only a week ago today. Will the rain ever stop?

The huge amounts of water are good for one thing though and that's Salmon. They are running the River Exe which David and I headed back to for the afternoon session. A fish did show a couple of times in one of the pools Dave fished. Using a large Conehead Comet strapped to a 500 grain head and a 14ft double hander Dave did encounter a strong pull from the fish but unfortunately no hook up. In such high coloured water we are talking millimetres and split seconds between a hooked up fish or not. It is however hugely satisfying when everything comes to together in such tough conditions as Tim Watson found last season. Read more here.

It is worth noting the difference in clarity between the Mole, a low lying river and the Exe which is the opposite. If your fishing trip looks doomed due to high water, search around for another venue because there may just be something that could yield some action. To be honest even in the toughest of tough conditions it is worth casting, after all it is an old cliche but "if your fly is not in the water ... "

I have some flies to tie tonight, mainly coneheads and lots of sorting out here to do tomorrow before I spend Tuesday and Wednesday working on a new project that I will reveal in good time. Of course I also hope to have a fish and with the water like it is bound to be the Salmon that I am after. Things look good for the week and there are reports of Grilse running so get out there if you can!

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