Monday, 20 October 2008

First Pike on Fly

A little while back I wrote a post here discussing my views on the close season. Right now the rivers are closed in this part of the world to all species except Grayling, so game anglers must turn their attention to small stillwaters or reservoirs, although a few of these will also close soon.

So what to do? Grab yourself a 10 weight, some big hairy flies ... a bit of wire and try some fly fishing for Pike. This is awesome sport and often prolific as Alasdare Lambert found during a session we enjoyed on Saturday.

Fishing the King Sedgemoor Drain I decided to ditch my fly gear for the day and try out some new lures that we are about to stock any day in the shop. More on the blog soon. Now I am no lure angler, if you want to find out more about this area of the sport check out Henry Gilbeys site. However, I have become very interested in the whole concept of carrying both a fly rod and a lure rod because there are times when one or the other will be more effective. Now ... had it just been me out fishing I would have put it down to my ineptitude with a fixed spool but Alasdare and I were in good company.

Mark Gibbs had joined us for our session and he has just recently landed this stunning 23lb + fish from the drain. Mark and I managed one hit apiece using the lures .... er hum! Alasdare was on his first ever Pike trip with a fly and took 6 fish from 3 different locations on the drain! This does not include the hits and lost fish he had!

Full credit to Alasdare, he fished very well. However I have seen this before during my own fly fishing sessions for Pike, the fluff can totally out fish even dead baits and certainly lures. There is just something irresistible about that pulsating fur and feather on a monster hook that this toothy critter can't ignore. None of the fish were big on Saturday. But .... Marks specimen was taken just a few yards from where Alasdare had most of his Pike! Put in enough hours and one day the 10 weight will snap tight to the tune of a 20 that will cause carnage as it tail walks in an attempt to shed the fly... that thought makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! I have heard people say that Pike don't scrap but this is ludicrous ... even Alasdares fish that went no more than 6lbs gave the rod a work out. So that's my goal this winter ... a 20lb canal Pike on the fly and with so many miles of the KSD and other great venues to explore I can't wait to get started!

"An absolutely fantastic weekend - great day with you on Saturday" Alasdare Lambert, London 2008

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  1. Great session and well done to alasdare on his first fly caught pike.
    Mark gibbs