Friday, 31 October 2008

New Generation Fly Fishing

I am lucky enough to have been involved with the business of fly fishing for many years and during that time I have seen a definite change. Once upon a time our lake was surrounded by green clad old men slinging Montana's at any fish that would have it. Now that is not to say there is anything wrong with green clad men throwing Montana's at any fish that will have it, but, it is certainly nice to see a new generation of angler frequenting both our shop and the fishery.

Often sporting jeans or the latest hi tech waterproof clothing the other essential wear seems to be a baseball cap and a pair of the latest wrap around shades. Anyone who knows me will know that I have a fair collection myself! Well, lets face it ... who wants to look like Sherlock Holmes on the river bank?

So many people seem to be of the opinion that young people don't want to go fishing but that is just not the case. They want to go fishing, they want to catch fish. What they don't want is to look like a reject from a BBC period drama! Fighting the corner today were these energetic lads from Somerset who I had the pleasure of looking after for a half day. The youngest, Oscar (far left) is just 12 and his Dad (back row with rods!) is only too willing to admit that his boy can out cast and out fish him, no problem. 7 to 1 in fact today ... well done Oscar. I think you will agree he looks like a pretty cool dude too. Leo, James and Harry also did incredibly well and all went on to fish until last knockings. Not a mobile, ipod or Nintendo in sight! We like to do our bit here at Nick Hart Fly Fishing to promote this youthful generation into the sport by offering special discounts. Now it is time for the manufacturers out there to do their bit and realise that to inspire anglers such as these boys is to secure their business for many years to come.

On that note I stumbled across this blog with some very cool images of amazing fish caught on ultra lightweight tackle. Put together by guides involved with the fly tackle brand Loop, it is this kind of imagery and ethos that I would like to see entering the UK market. Its inspiring. In fact I have been thinking very seriously about adding Loop to our range here at the shop and after checking them out at the T&G show we are very shortly going to start doing just that. No blog entry tomorrow as I have some time with the family at last but look out on Sunday for some Pike news ... my favourite winter species. Oh, and I almost forgot, Happy Halloween!

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