Friday, 7 November 2008

Brilliant Blakewell Fishery

So October has been and gone and already a week of November has passed, before we know it the season will be here once again! But is there really a season anymore? I reckon there is just as much fishing to be had now as at any other time in the year. I really enjoy my Grayling and Pike sessions but there are plenty of people who love to wet a line on a small still water and Trout Fisherman magazine caters for these anglers extremely well. Working as a main contributor on the magazine this is therefore the time of year when I head to various small waters across the region to put together a few winter features.

Leaving base the weather was not looking so good for pictures as I headed out with Henry Gilbey to perhaps one of the UKs very best small stillwaters, Blakewell. A beautiful 5 acre fishery the lake is run by Richard & John Nickell who employed me during my days as a North Devon college student. In fact I was rarely present at my A Level lectures, spending most of my time either at the local tackle shop or working at the fishery (or fishing some place of course!). As it happened I had already decided long before I enrolled at the college that I wanted to be a fly fishing instructor and so I look back on those missed lectures as a blessing in disguise!

Since then Blakewell has strived forward and I am always blown away by how well managed this venue is. Stringing up my 9' 6" Hardy Demon I was relishing the chance of a few hard fighting fish, although it was strictly work of course! There was a juggernaut cruising that I spotted through my Mauis which took the fly on one occassion but I missed it! After that it staunchly refused to accept anything I threw at it. Even so we got what we needed as the light improved to show Blakewell off in all its glory. Many may think that putting these features together is easy but in fact Henry never stops thinking about the next angle, point of focus, light situation etc., and he certainly rarely picks up a rod while out on a job although it looks like we will be tracking down a few Pike together soon.

Yesterday we were back on the road bound for Temple Fishery, but I will post about our experience another time. Right now I am being called into a meeting as we have a whole bunch of stuff going on over the next few weeks and I must double check my tackle too as James and I are out for a sesh on the Farmoor heavyweights tomorrow. The weather looks a little inclement, but so what .... I am sure that will be the last thing on my mind as my backing fizzes out behind one of the grown on specimens I have been hearing so much about recently! Well ... I hope so anyway.

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