Sunday, 9 November 2008

F*** Me Farmoor!

I could have called this post Fantastic Farmoor or Fabulous Farmoor but I spent a fair amount of yesterday turning the air blue as I enjoyed perhaps one of the best, if not the best session of reservoir fishing I have ever had in the UK. From a scenic point of view Farmoor ain't much as you can see but I can assure you that once you have tangled with the fish that roam these waters your surroundings will not matter that much!

You may want a full in depth report regarding the day but to be honest that would require an entire article and I hope that maybe one day I get chance to write it .... Henry Gilbey will freak when he sees this fishing!

My fishing companion for the day was highly talented angler James Warbrick-Smith who has worked these fish out perfectly. His Minky fly caused absolute carnage and for the first couple of hours I was nowhere near emulating his fishing. But after a while I got to grips with it and then to be honest I can only say that both James and I were like kids in a sweet shop! What follows is a blow by blow account of the fish we caught and in actual fact there were more but .... 1) The fishing was so amazing I couldn't be bothered to clear my memory stick and ... 2) The fishing was so amazing that we felt our time was better employed catching another fin perfect 4lb + Rainbow rather than taking another photo!

Anyway more details about the fishing another day, I will let the pictures do the talking .... just take a look at F*** Me Farmoor!

Second Cast!

Third Cast!

Look at the bloom in this tail - Trout Perfection

I'm in! This would usually be the fish of the day on most reservoirs ... on Farmoor its pretty much average!

Sorry about the out of focus shot ... but you get the gist. The fish above took so hard that by the time I landed it the hook was only just staying together aided by the fly tying silk! And this is a Kamasan B175 and we know how strong they are!

But James is still showing me the way ...

James may I relieve you of one of those flies???

James generously hands over the killing pattern and my smug grin says it all!

The grin is now a Cheshire Cat Smile.

I love the Rio Midge Tip and coupled to the JWS Minky it was causing carnage.

I promise these are different fish!

F*** Me!

Outbound for James! (check your backing before you fish Farmoor)

Another for James ... to be honest he had lost a couple of others and I had him running up and down the bank to record my purple patch!

We were like schoolboys ... but seriously, have you seen better conditioned fish?

James said we didn't see any big ones during this session! This year he has had fish to double figures.

You maybe thinking that it is a shame to kill all these awesome fish? In fact Farmoor 1 has a 100% catch & release policy! How cool is that? All these fish were returned ... who was it that said catch & release doesn't work?

One for me and one for James! Again ... just look at those tails!

We had a load more Rainbows but to end the day perfectly I latched into this perfectly conditioned Brown Trout. Farmoor 2 has just produced a 14lb 4oz fish that was stocked originally at just 1lb 8oz!

The conclusion? Probably the best conditioned, hardest fighting reservoir Trout around right now in the UK. Plus what a cool concept to provide a full C&R policy on Farmoor 1 and for just £17.50 per day, less than a couple of rounds in the pub and you won't have a headache afterwards ... far from it. My only problem is I have to trek 2 1/2 hours to get there, but that doesn't worry me. Right now I am frantically going through my diary trying desperately to find some time in beween guiding and the shop so I can visit again!

James ... thank you for showing me this amazing venue and for handing over the killer Minky. It is a day I will never forget and although I am so lucky to be able to fish rivers and all manner of other venues I have to say that tangling with such pristine fish is hard to beat. To coin Henry Gilbeys descriptions holy cow, eat my shorts, awesome and bring it on ... although in this case I think a profound F*** Me says it all .....

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