Monday, 3 November 2008

Tough Pike

I was hoping to get on the blog yesterday but have been busy writing up all our new courses and sorting plans for next season. It seems crazy to be doing this as the nights draw in ever faster but with Neil working with me full time through the off season it gives me chance to get stuck into all the things that have been put on hold for so long. But enough if that, lets talk fishing.

The week has zoomed by but this Pike is still fresh in my memory. Not a huge specimen by any account, but a half reasonable canal fish that took a # 4/0 Black Fly. It was caught during the last round of filming with Shaun Fenton of Diesel films and proved to be a tough fish to catch after the canal had coloured up due to some heavy rain. Just a couple of weeks prior to this the Pike had been nailing flies in the clear water, but as I have found when filming you have to expect the odds to be against you. That's cool, because it made me work harder and I hope this will show in the final product. Shaun has certainly done a great job of editing the programmes and as soon as I have any information regarding when you can view them I will add it here.

After a long day staring at computers and answering the phone constantly I relish the chance to get out in the fresh air (I am missing it already!) and so tomorrow will head to Blakewell with Henry Gilbey to shoot a Trout Fisherman feature. This is a stunning little lake and I haven't managed to visit for a long while so it will be great to catch up with John, Richard and hopefully a fish or two! Plus on Saturday I have my first visit to Farmoor to look forward to with James, a buddy of mine who I last caught up with a few weeks back on Clatworthy. The reports are that Farmoor is fishing its head off, I hope the barometer remains steady and that we get in amongst the action. It may be a concrete bowl reservoir but if the fish are overwintered and superb charged I really don't mind!


  1. what canal is that Nick??
    i think Henry is sorting a trip out with us three very soon??! dont no how much you no about my lure anglin antics but i think we are headin for wild chub, perch and pike!!
    he rang me this mornin to keep me upto date with stuff

  2. Hi Danny, its the KSD near Bridgwater. Right now though I think the rain will have stuffed it. Does the Exeter stay clear after lots of rain? Henry has been telling me a lot about your antics! Sounds very cool and looking forward to getting out there with you guys for some winter sessions.

  3. yes and no about exeter.....
    exeter canal is my lure angling haunt, and the town end to double locks will colour if it rains loads but from swingbridge its clear most of the time!
    i also fish the tiverton canal allot lure exclusive though!
    if ya fancie a mission one day i no a fair few stretches up there that produces loads of decent pike to low doubles and the odd 20! also some decent perch
    just contact me through blogger or henry will giv u my numba