Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Best Office in the World?

I could get used to this weather. Just look at this for a scene, Exe Valley Fishery in all its glory just outside the front door of my shop. It has to be one of the best office views in the world!

I managed to get out and grab a few pictures of the river too and while I was there happened upon something quite unexpected, but more of that tomorrow. Isn't the Exe looking awesome! The amount of water this winter means it is looking seriously clean.

The weather seems to have cleared now which will be in favour with the various stricken motorists I met this morning. Thankfully my trusty Toyota which I have covered 1000s of km in eats up snow like it just isn't there and I actually quite enjoy driving in these conditions. Unlike the the South Africans who turned up yesterday during a blizzard to fish in shorts (see here), skidding their way into the car park ... but then a Jeep isn't a real 4X4 is it!

I am hoping for some more snow so I can enjoy a bit of "let's off road" and also being busy in the office means I haven't had chance to get out with Chester and the sledge yet. Maybe tomorrow. My mind is definitely on some fun in the snow but a call from Stuart Forsyth (pictured below in an image by Henry Gilbey) who I have guided for many years turned my attention to something a lot warmer. We will be heading out, along with Al Lambert next month to sample Los Roques and I am looking forward to this trip more than any other. The location is stunning and there are plenty of big Bones to be had that feed extraordinarily on the enormous population of minnows in the area.

Bones are cool but so to are the Tarpon and I remember like it was yesterday the moment when I latched into a very big fish, just moments from our accommodation. Out on the pier I was casually stroking back an intermediate while sharing a conversation with James Warbrick Smith (see what he is up to right now, here) when this thing just slammed the fly. Holding on to the rod for dear life (sign up and see here for what happens when you don't!) I managed to get it under control and enjoyed several enormous leaps and some blistering runs until the hook gave way leaving me fishless! Ah, the pain! How many Tarpon is that I have now jumped but not landed!!!?? Such great memories, its what fishing is all about. Roll on March ....

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