Saturday, 21 February 2009

The Futures Bright ... the futures fishing.

Is it me or is there a lot of doom and gloom around right now? Turn on the news and I reckon that the term "credit crunch" (who came up with it!?) is ringing in our ears before we know it. There is of course a lot of bad stuff going on right now but there is also plenty of positive stuff, especially when we talk fishing.

Take rivers for example. A long held view is that many river venues are "dead mans shoes" with vast waiting lists. That is a positive in a way, it means there are plenty of people who want to go fishing! But what if you want some river fishing .... NOW ... that's not going to break the bank? Well the season won't be open for a few weeks yet but come mid March you will be pleased to know that there are literally dozens of budget priced options river fishing options here in the Westcountry offering fantastic Wild Brown Trout & Grayling fishing. Check here for one of the most popular schemes and find about the Fish the Exe scheme here.

But it was the events of last night that got me thinking about low cost fishing in a big way. I was honoured to be asked by the Dulverton Angling Association (DAA) to provide a talk and then afterwards I sat in on the annual general meeting. This is the first DAA AGM I have ever attended and I found it a seriously uplifting, positive experience, which is unusual for an AGM. Formed just a few years ago by Pat Veale the club has grown to over 250 members and now has a very healthy looking bank balance. The cash is being ploughed into projects to provide more and better fishing for its members, all through a network of hard working volunteers. This diligence has allowed the club to keep subscriptions down to an incredible £25.00 for a year. How's that during the "credit crunch"!

(Above) A truly Wild Brown from the DAA Heale Beat

But it gets better. Do you have a child under 16 who would like to go river fishing? If so that child can do so for one whole pound! Yes that's right £1, 100 pence .... a quid! Which is where it gets slightly worse. Last night the AGM was attended mainly by men over the age of 60 with the exception of one female. Now if you are over 60 please do not be offended by my previous comment, it just struck me that there was very little in the way of youth present at the event! But this is supposed to be a positive post and so I quickly perked up when during the AGM the minimal junior subscription was brought up, along with comments that we should be introducing more youngsters to the joys of river fishing. This was music to my ears, a fishing organisation that realises that we need young anglers to survive.

So I urge you to get out there and take advantage of this crazy deal. Lets face it, even if you fished the DAA waters only once the fee would still be less than the average "monthly" subscription to Sky TV who at the moment are spending most of their time telling us that we have no money. Switch it off, grab your membership card and go fishing .... preferably with your son and/or daughter. You can find out more about the DAA here

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