Wednesday, 11 February 2009

New Year, New Gear

After all the snow last week it has been great to finally see some blue sky. A bit of time with the family (making snowmen!) was great but once the white stuff has subsided to slush there is not much fun to be had. Well that is of course unless you go fishing! So Henry Gilbey and I did just that, Henry armed with his camera and me with one of the new Greys X-Flite Rods. This new product from the Greys stable is not hugely powerful, (go with the new Greys Competition Platinum XD if you are after something that is!) but it cannot be denied that the X-Flite is a good looking, well priced 4 piece travel rod that will perform perfectly for those who want a mid to tip blank. And if your budget will stretch to more than the £179.99 for a 9'6" #7 model then I would not hesitate to recommend the awesome Hardy Demon Series. I used these rods almost exclusively in 2008 to take all manner of species including a number of Salmon.


Back to our trip. We headed out to Blakewell Fishery which as usual is looking in tip top condition and I had been hoping to try out a new indicator which has been taking the UK by storm. The Thingamabobber will not be every ones cup of tea, but they are certainly interesting. I first came across them when Turrall started importing them into the UK and then last year when visiting Montana. Anyway to cut a long story short there was no hope of us using the new product or imitative indicator tactics as snow melt and a night time storm had turned the water to chocolate. These are not ideal fishing conditions but Henry and I are there to do a job for Trout Fisherman magazine, so with the help of a blue sky and a very pretty looking Rainbow Trout we bagged our feature. Check out Henry Gilbeys site for some Blakewell pictures and I will report on the thingamabobbers another day.

After a day out I always have to spend a day in the office although I booked some more fishing last night, so have that to look forward to. In fact the office has been buzzing today as I am working on a new project plus we have some great new gear that has just arrived from Loop. I took this firm on and decided to stock their goods as I have just been hearing so much good stuff about them, particularly from Iain Barr who incidentally supplies our flies. Iain will be at our open day on Saturday 2nd May 2009 demonstrating his skills, almost certainly with one of the Loop Multi rods and I for one cannot wait to see what words of wisdom he has for us! For those of you who have not heard of Iain he just so happens to be one of the most successful UK competition fly anglers ever and is also part of the world team competing in Scotland this year so we were even more chuffed to secure his services. I am also looking forward to showing him just how good our Sea Trouting is!

Other great gear now in stock is the all new Fishpond Range, which I am in the process of reviewing for the site (and look out for site updates too) plus some cool William Joseph products such as these great Nippers and the Richard Wheatley Malvern Fly Boxes. I will also have more news here regarding our popular group fly fishing events at amazing prices (there is something for everyone), and don't forget to add that date to your diary ... Saturday 2nd May 2009 - Hart Flyshop Open Day.

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