Monday, 2 February 2009

Online Fishing TV

Before I give you news about the exciting new venture which is, let me tell you this. I just looked out of my shop window and a fish turned on the surface of one of the lakes. "Nothing surprising about that" I hear you say "after all your shop is situated on Exe Valley Fishery, which is famous for the quantities of hard fighting fish stocked". This is true of course, but .... its snowing! Nobody obviously told the fish or the 3 South Africans on holiday from London who turned up to fish today, wearing shorts! Yes, honestly, wearing shorts! I had to rub my eyes in disbelief! And they caught ....

Meanwhile as London grinds to a halt (why does the weather affect us Brits so bad!) Henry Gilbey and James WS are out in Belize already tangling with some tropical saltwater torpedoes. Alright for some, although next month it is my turn as I head off to Los Roques hosting a trip for a great company called Aardvark McLeod. Check out just how good Los Roques (Venezuala) is here and if you are yearning to try it for yourself it maybe worth getting in touch as we can
accommodate one or two more rods. Anyway, back to my post.

So what is this all about then?

Launched in December 2008 it is an Internet channel devoted to fishing programmes. Many of the shows are brand new and the channel is promising that new shows will be added every month, in fact every week.

So what's the catch?

That depends how you look at it. Some would say it is a great catch as now it is possible to watch fishing on demand. I have seen the shows wired through a wide screen tv and it means you literally have a fishing channel at your disposal. There are also programmes devoted to all aspects of angling, not just the fly with big names such as Henry Gilbey, John Wilson and Kevin Green featured online.

OK so I can watch fishing on demand .. but what is the catch!

Unlike many forms of video online, this is not a free to view channel. But then this is quite a step up from You Tube. We are talking full length programmes available to be played over and over again. Remember the mission statement .... new programmes will arrive all the time, unlike satellite channels that now seem to loop back to back repeats, week in, week out, these days.

So if it is not free, how much is it?

Surprisingly little. The subscription is just £4.95 per month and the initial sign up need only be for 6 months. I make that less than £30 which based on the fact that many people are giving up smoking and various other vices during these challenging times is not a great deal to pay out for a little piscatorial pleasure beamed to your desktop. Is it? Comments and thoughts on this welcomed.

And why am I so keen on the idea?

Truthfully the more people who sign up to this channel the better, because then it can go from strength to strength. I have yet to meet many anglers who don't like a bit of armchair angling, so why not beam it to your PC? Just think, no more fighting with the kids over Bob the Builder or members of the family hooked on soap operas!

Is that the only reason?

Er no. Alongside established director Shaun Fenton of Diesel Films (who is responsible for many of Matt Hayes and Henry Gilbeys programmes) I agreed to put together a series of 5 episodes based around fly fishing for varied species in varied circumstances. The programmes were designed to provide tuition with a bit of entertainment thrown in, which is not hard for me as we all know how good I am at falling over, juggling fish and wading too deep ... and waffling. See how many "deadlys", "tidies", "absolutelys", "fantastics" and "awesomes" you can spot!

Hang on Nick, your jumping the gun, I haven't signed up yet!

And I don't blame you. After all the idea of TV via the broadband connection is very new. But as a regular user of things like the BBC iPlayer I know it is catching on and that it is no doubt the future. Therefore I decided that it would be cool to get involved in such a project.


If you are still not convinced than have a look at my recently uploaded Trout Stream Trailer ... which is FREE! It shows just one of the many tips I provide in this action packed show as we cruise up a section of the River Exe that many of you will know well. There are also programmes available on the channel about small stillwater and reservoir fishing. When I get chance I will add more details here about each programme with a link.

But for the moment when you have 5, check out the trailer and see what you think. If you like it .... awesome, but if you think its pants ... let me know! I have genuinely tried to provide some fun informative viewing and I hope that if you decide to watch, that you find this to be the case, because I certainly enjoyed working on the shows.

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  1. Yes, I read about the snow storm. My wife's family lives near Leeds. All the best on your show!