Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Spotted .... First Salmon of 2009

I seem to spend far too much off my time during the winter months staring at a computer monitor, so when I get chance it is good to nip out for a breather and some much needed vitamin enrichment from the sun. Yesterday was a great time to be out as snow had been falling heavily in the morning giving way to a clear blue sky and a picture postcard scene. See here.

Grabbing the digital camera, I rushed into town to sort a few errands and then stopped at the Anchor Bridge for a breather. Just a glance down the river sends a wave of relaxation over me but it doesn't take long until the need for R&R gives way to trying to find a fish in the cool clear waters of the Exe.

It just so happened I was in the right place, at the right time! Peering over the bridge my Maui Jim's reflected back a sight to warm the heart. There, plain as the day, just behind one of the bridge stanchions in a back current lay a Salmon! It was quite clearly a silver tourist and I spent several minutes excitedly trying to get the best shot I could. The result is a little grainy, but I assure you this is a Salmon.

The fish looked very healthy, supporting itself easily in the strong current and chatting with Salmon guru Andrew Maund we arrived at the conclusion that this is quite possibly an early springer. Admittedly in the image it looks a little dark, but I reckon this was the light conditions. Maybe it is a kelt (a spawned Salmon returning to sea) although it seems a strange position for a fish that will have been through so much. Kelts will normally situate themselves in deep pools, resting as they fall back. So with the Salmon season opening in just 2 weeks lets be positive and say this is a Spring Salmon on its way up river!

Last year certainly witnessed one of the best runs of fish for years and I had a ball through the season catching fish such as this one taken during a filming session. The show is due to air on the channel that I reported on a couple of days ago. You can see that story here and take a look at the channel here. Meanwhile if you would like regular updates to include when my Nick Hart Fly Fishing School episodes will air, plus all the latest fishing reports and a whole lot more ... check out the new subscription feature at the top right hand corner of the page.

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