Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Bonefish & Lobster - Los Roques Day 3

It seems like a long time since we were on the plane travelling to Los Roques. We now have three hardcore days fishing under our belt, with Alasdare Lambert and myself putting in 12 hours today. But we had a boost as for lunch we parked up at a small outpost on a beach seemingly in the middle of nowhere. For starters Al promptly hooked up a Bonefish of around 8lb+ that bust him off on the coral!

Main course consisted of shellfish, snapper, conch and as the main event, a huge section of Lobster each. What an awesome way to spend an afternoon, but there was more to come. Returning to the Panga with our guide Raphael, Al hooked up another Bone that just went and went and went. In fact it had him well into the backing half a dozen times. By the end Alasdare was knackered but elated when Raphael finally grasped his prize, a Bone of 10lb+!

This was just part of a spectacular day with Raphael. We have seen a huge range of terrain from shallows close to reef breaks, pancake and sand flats, plus a little mangrove too. I am also really getting into self guiding, spotting the fish far more quickly but still prone to a little Bonefish fever! However I got it together landing half a dozen fish and losing some too. My own highlight after Alasdares big fish, came late on in the day. Heading back to base we had Raphael drop us off at a flat around a mile from our Posada. Almost instantly we found a couple of decent fish mooching around and first cast one of them nailed the fly without hesitation. A solid 6lb this proved to be one of my best fish so far during the trip.

Heading back to the Posada a few hours later we did not contact anymore fish but did see a few. The light conditions were tough as the sun was low but it was the tide which did us no favours staying just a little too high to allow us to target tailing fish. But it did not matter, we had an amazing day and also our thoughts had turned to the tremendous food that out accommodation serves. Sitting around the table the banter is always lively as we swap fishing stories including my own about the moment when one of my Bonefish was chopped clean in half by a Cuda. Curious to see what had become of it I started to pull it back in but realised the Cuda which had demolished the tail in one explosive bite was now tracking the head section. Weighing at least 30lbs I did not relish tangling with it and so when it grabbed the remaining half I opened up the drag, let it charge off (reel screaming!) and waited for the inevitable .... time for a new tippet!

Meanwhile Stuart took a Cuda on conventional gear today, along with a few Bones. Mr Fish has also been amongst the fish while Brian continues to catch consistently. But for me the other high point so far to add to the lost Permit and 10lb Bone was Sams 5 fish. All specimens that he saw, cast to and hooked himself. A newcomer to tropical saltwater fly, this is a hell of achievement for Sam who has just 3 days experience and he could not contain his happiness this evening as he talked us through all that he has learned sop far.

So another fantastic day here in Los Roques. Now already half way through the trip all the guys are heading to bed praying the high light conditions continue, coupled with falling wind speeds. And whacked myself I am going to close the day 3 report here and do the same myself. Although just before going I will add a link to Aardvark McLeod who put this hosted trip together. Check out their site for some amazing fishing locations including Los Roques.

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