Friday, 13 March 2009

Day Dream Bonefish - Los Roques Day 5

Yes that's day, not wet, although the fishing out here is almost that good!

It struck me today that more than any type of fishing I think about other stuff while out searching the massive flats for another Bone. Wandering over many miles, scanning the pristine water sends me into a trance like state and then the old mind gets going. It could be anything ....

For example. What will we have for dinner tonight, at our excellent Posada from the hand of its fine resident chef? Why did we let so many overpaid idiots run the financial world in the UK? Was it the chicken or the egg fir ... oh f**k that is a Bonefish! Or rather was ... as it sods off across the flat at blistering speed. Which sets off another day dream ... how I would like my line to be following!

So my advice is if you ever make the wise decision to book a trip with Aardvark McLeod to enjoy the incredible diversity of Los Roques and its Bonefish ... don't day dream!

Alasdare and Graham certainly had their wits about them today while being guided by Jesus, scoring around 8 fish each to gummy minnow tactics. Al has been really impressed with Jesus and his ability to pass on new skills, despite speaking very little English. Meanwhile Brian took his best Bonefish during this trip so far going 7lb, part of a 12 fish haul with Cayito.

I had the pleasure of sharing my fishing with Sam and Stuart. As usual Raphael made us walk miles and today we were not rewarded heavily for our efforts. I picked up 3 to 5lb and should have had more but in the strong winds the guys struggled. So we headed to a beach and while I got far too over excited at a number of tailing fish the guys slammed some nice Bones on Gummies. I could not resist getting in on the act myself and at one point all 3 of us were hooked up as a Bonefish school mopped up minnows ... exciting stuff!!!

Tomorrow is our last day and I cannot believe we will be heading back to the cold UK on Saturday. The grand finale will see the class of 2007 out, being Al, Stuart and myself (we all fished Los Roques in Feb 07), so its time for some Zs and maybe a dream or two!

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