Monday, 9 March 2009

Fishing with Mr Fish - LosRoques Day 2

Yes honestly. Today I achieved a lifelong ambition and fished alongside a real Mr Fish. Graham Fish is quite a character. A guy who has fished just a handful of times, but during that time has included the Seychelles twice (and a GT!), Cuba and now Los Roques to his list of must have options. Today he was telling me he hopes to do the Seychelles again soon. Mr Fish can also fish. Granted he could do to learn how to double haul and may head down my way for a course, but right now he can cast a straight accurate line and with the quality of the guiding here that means he is catching. In fact he stuck 12 Bones today to a solid 6lb!

I had a ball too fishing with Mr Fish and legendary guide Raphael. What a dude. This guy seriously knows his stuff and placed us on some top fishing. In fact I even got a couple of shots at Permit, resulting in a fish turning on the fly but no hook up. Brian Seaby, a laid back brummy did far better hooking up a double figure fish that sadly spat the hook and also landing a small fish of 2lb. Still an achievement and under the guidance of Cayito who has also impressed Alasadre Lambert no end. He whacked 8 fish today, smallest 5lb and the biggest a shade under 10lb! Awesome!!!!!! Al is just ever so slightly stoked and as I am rooming with him I can safely say that the various captures have been relived more than a few times!!!

My own Bonefishing today went far better with fish to 7lb alongside Graham and Raphael, the morning session in particular wasexplosive. Watching these guys perform is an education, even for a guide, in fact I have been learning a whole lot that has helped me gain several hook ups to save face after my cheque book and pen event yesterday!

With cerveza waiting and the promise of a Lobster lunch tomorrow (they truly know how to look after you here) I had better sign off with a final word regarding Stuart Forsyth who managed to take fish on pancakes that were far from easy in high water. He has not had numbers today but that does not matter, hooking singles cruising deep water is damn fine fishing. But that's Los Roques all over, damn fine and especially when you have had the privilege, as I have, to fish with Mr Fish!!!

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