Sunday, 8 March 2009

Los Roques - Bonefish Fever

I left the UK yesterday to head out to Los Roques, Venezuela with a hosted group on behalf of Aardvark McLeod. I know, its a tough job! And believe it or not it was with mixed feelings as the fishing at home has been awesome recently, the highlight being a mid double figure Pike that a guest caught with me just shortly before I headed over here. That was cool, but there are few things that can compare with the incredible terrain available here in Los Roques for the Bonefish angler. This is my second trip to Los Roques and once again it has blown me away.

Fishing with Jesus (pronounced something like hey-zeus) I paired up with Sam McDonald who is visiting all the way from Orkney. Now Sam is a seriously interesting guy because he makes his living sculpting fish out of metal! And I thought I had an unusual job! He would have us believe that he is here for "research" purposes but having just got back to our fantastic lodge and witnessed his beaming smile I would say he is here for a little more than that! In fact he has done amazingly well as the wind has been pumping, but Jesus, as patient as ever took Sam to some mud's to learn all about hooking up Bonefish. Then after actually casting to and hooking up a number of fish (he never seemed to miss!) which Sam played the rest was down to the man himself. Finally, with just 15 minutes before we were due to head back to base Sam lost his Bonefish virginity, a milestone for any angler but especially for Sam who has never fished outside the UK. What a way to start.

For my own part I had an interesting day, which is a fancy way of saying I blanked! Believe me self guiding over here is not easy, the guides have some of the best "fish eyes" you can imagine and anyone new to Bonefishing could do far worse than book a trip with Aardvark Mcleod and see for themselves just how good they are. I actually saw a ton of fish, including some tailers on the pancake flats but spent my usual first session suffering from Bonefish Fever. This is basically a condition which means that just when you don't need it you will fluff the cast, catch your sun gloves or step on an unseen fish! But I did get it right a few times, especially with one really nice fish which stripped backing at a blistering pace. But like the other fish I stuck during the day, it fell off. I had plenty of other chances but I find that these fish effect me like no other. Watching those torpedo's cruise the flats, or a tail glint in the sun just does something to me. I will try harder tomorrow!

Enough about my own failure. Alasdare and Stuart returned having had an awesome day taking fish to 5lbs and apparently Calito had them hooked up into fish within 10 minutes of starting. They ended the day with 10 fish which in the high wind is some achievement. I am going to go and find out how they did, while also enquiring of Brian & Graham who are also present on the trip. More tomorrow and I will post images when I get back to the UK, with fish cruising around the pier close to our lodge I can stand it no longer, time to thread up the rod once more!

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