Saturday, 14 March 2009

What a Blast! - Los Roques Day 6

The laptop battery is about to go, its late and we are quaffing Cerveza so I will write more about todays events when I return to the UK. All I can say is this week has been one of the most fun I can ever remember during a foreign fishing adventure. The fishing, the company and the atmosphere has been cool and I so wish we had another week. This is not a sales pitch, just straight from the heart ... I have got the Los Roques bug ... BIG TIME! Check it out for yourself here and my blog in a few days for pictures from the week.

All I will say about today was that it was eventful and included Lemon Sharks! The Bonefishing was some of the most interesting and exciting I have ever enjoyed. And to top it all the day was spent with Alasdare Lambert and Stuart Forsyth who both began their fishing careers with me around 6 years ago. It is quite a leap from Exmoor streams to the pancake flats!

We are now in our hotel in Caracas chilling out prior to our departure this evening for Portugal and then on to London. The last steak I had here was awesome so I am off for a dip in the pool and a decent lunch so I don´t have to suffer the muck they serve on the airline! We are also already planning our next visit, there is so much more to be done in Los Roques. This time around I really feel I have started to learn about its fishing and have also enjoyed the fantastic atmosphere this beautiful island exudes. I have always enjoyed saltwater fly fishing but for some reason during this trip I have been bitten by the Bonefish bug. Thank god it wasn´t by a shark ... more of that next time.

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