Sunday, 12 July 2009

Buzzed up by the Balloon Caddis

Is it me or is this year just zooming past? In just a couple of weeks the CLA gamefair opens its doors, although we will be there several days before to set up our stand. Look out for us on stand N1237 in the Fishermans Village. We have a great looking marquee which will be located right next to the all the guys and gals from Aardvark Mc Leod and the Latin American Fishing Company. Do come along and meet us, it would be great to catch up.

I will also be providing platform fishing demonstrations along with Henry Gilbey. We have been providing demos for the past 5 years although it seems like it was only yesterday that we stepped out tentatively on stage for the first time. You can bank on Henry wandering off the "script" (what script!?) to talk about fishing for Pouting or Rockling so come along and join in the chaos .... especially if you want to find out a bit more about lure and fly fishing in saltwater environments. There is a timetable of events here which includes demonstrations by Matt Hayes, Michael Evans, Hywel Morgan, Scott Mackenzie and after hanging up his CLA rods its is awesome to see him back for more ... Charles Jardine. More info on the gamefair here.

Prior to the military style operation it takes to attend this event I will be getting in a little R&R with Chris Yrazabal all the way over from Los Roques to assist Aardvark McLeod and answer all your questions about his wonderful location. I am looking forward to the day that is to be spent river fishing and I think Henry Gilbey maybe along to capture it. By the way Henry has an awesome new website that you just cannot miss. Check it out here and his internal regularly updated blog (it puts mine to shame!) although I am working on a couple of things that will change that not long after the CLA.

It should certainly keep all you piscatorial junkies happy with loads of up to date info. I can't give anymore away yet but for the moment, so if you need to relax and unwind check out the new River Exe web camera here, Exe Carnarvon River Exe Web Cam which provides a look at the river, its height and colour. Very useful!

But that's not why I started this blog post. What about these Balloon Caddis!? I had a bunch come in from Iain Barr (who is now World Champion! - see post here) and just cannot believe how devastating they are! The fish seem to have had their fill around here of Klinkhammers in Black, Grey etc., and I had tried a whole host of other stuff. Granted conditions have been tough but there has to be a way of catching fish when you can see them feeding, even if it is only occasionally. Through many days out guiding during the last few months (sorry about the blog, will try harder!) it has become apparent that when the Sedge are in the air this pattern will nail Trout after Trout ... plus a few Grayling. Fish it dry, submerged ... even strip it away from them and see what happens. It puts a Klinkhammer to shame at times!

Here is our most recent success, a fine summer Grayling to Ewan Davy who is looking pretty good considering he endured open heart surgery last year. What a fish and very well deserved. During the day I reckon we also brought up at least 20 other fish and all were after the Balloon Caddis. You can get some right here! Cream Balloon Caddis & Olive Balloon Caddis

And I have gone and done it, news for all you petrol heads soon! Right now, back to that military operation aka the gamefair!

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