Friday, 18 September 2009

Autumn Fly Fishing Tactics

Brrrr ... its cold for the time of year. Fleeces at the ready, the unseasonable cold snap does not mean we have to forget the fishing! However, it maybe that the fish are not looking up so why try this? Then they (or we) get the best of both worlds.

Some people love the New Zealand dropper, others feel that it gives an angler too much of an advantage. My own opinion is that it presents a fly very realistically and that is what fly fishing is all about! This illustration is just one of many others produced for me by Andy Steer, a very talented illustrator based in the Netherlands. Very soon I will post news here of the 2nd edition of my book which is about to be finalised with the printers and contains many more of Andy's brilliant illustrations. The guy can fish too ... check this Chum Salmon.

I can't mention my book without mentioning Henry Gilbey. Henry supplied all the photographs and has just returned from an outrageous trip to Mongolia! Find out more here. On that note Henry travelled with Aardvark McLeod. These people are International Fishing Specialists and I have been privileged to host a couple of trips on their behalf. In 2010 I am heading up another trip for them to Los Roques. See how our last trip went here and if you would like more details drop me a line with your address and we will mail out both an itinerary and a brochure.

Have a great weekend ... try the New Zealand dropper!

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