Saturday, 12 September 2009

Curing Wrist Break when Casting - Movie 1

The dreaded wrist break, a problem that anyone who has picked up a fly rod for the first time will know all about! I spend much of my time working with anglers to solve this problem and over the last couple of days it has been the turn of Jon McBride from North Devon. Jon originally received his fly fishing gift voucher in 2005 but after an argument with a quad bike and some time spent in the presence of a Harley street doctor, it has taken until 2009 to make his visit. Now that he is fit and well, would I be able to cure his casting?

Here is a movie from the first morning showing a classic case of wrist break. The butt of the rod is well away from the forearm and check out the angle of the rod, this would create a low back cast.

Jon is a right handed caster, so also note the left hand dropping to one side, creating a great deal of slack during the cast.

Finally there is a lack of acceleration into the back cast and no overall fluidity.

Look out for movie 2 tomorrow when we will take a look at Jon's progress after tuition. Right I am heading to the river, big blue skies and sun! Keep up to date on Twitter.

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