Sunday, 13 September 2009

Curing Wrist Break when Casting - Movie 2

Yesterday I posted a short movie I shot on Thursday with Jon McBride. This showed a classic case of "wrist break". If you missed the video check it our here.

Now wrist break is a serious problem for the wannabe fly fisher, so it was down to me to work with Jon and provide him with ways of beating this affliction, resulting in high back casts, better line control and nice tight loops.

The movie above was shot early on during session 2 and in comparison from the previous morning Jon's wrist is now far more controlled. Yes, a little more speed is required on the back cast and if anything a fraction more wrist movement. However overall this is a vast improvement. Note the left hand is close to the right and the line is starting to shoot. Perhaps the key point here is the relation of the thumb to the amount of wrist break. Check out the previous movie and you will note that Jon's thumb is "cocked", sending the tip low. However by now watching for his thumb within his peripheral vision while casting, Jon is able to stop the thumbnail reasonably upright which helps to cure wrist break. Why? Well nobody has so far been able to show me how it is possible to cock the thumb back, without bending the wrist. Therefore, an upright thumb pretty much means a firm, controlled wrist. It is not a cure all, but it will help and is one hell of a lot better than strapping the wrist which will impede movement. If you want to learn more about this or to book tuition aimed at curing casting faults or furthering your skills please see my fly casting school website here.

Casting is cool and I love it, but lets face it the whole idea is to chuck out a line and wait for it to go tight! So, once Jon was tuned up we strung up a leader and enjoyed some exciting action, the Exe Valley Trout only too happy to reward Jon's efforts!

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