Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Fish on the TV and at the Cinema

Anyone who has read Charles Clovers book "The End of the Line" will know that our oceans are being plundered. Mr Clover paints a very depressing (although well researched) picture that will raise the hairs on the back of most anglers necks. In fact most peoples necks who care about the environment and its fishy inhabitants.

So last night I tuned into Hugh Fearnley Whittingstalls new programme, River Cottage: Gone Fishing, in the hope that finally a TV chef has had the good sense to cook fish that many of us would not even give a second sniff. And what a brilliant programme it was! Hugh and well known journalist Nick Fisher did not let us down as they took to the high seas in search of sustainable fish and won. On the menu were Pouting, Garfish, Mullet, Gurnards and even Launce, although this latter species did not score highly with the presenters. The others however met with the usual round of oohs and ahhs as Hugh presented them alongside some simple recipes that had me conjuring up ways that I could get away and catch a few for myself to try!

Charles Clover notes in his book that many TV chefs use fish that is currently unsustainable based on modern trawler fishing methods. It seems that this has now been addressed. While I marvel at Jamies Olivers influence on the UKs eating habits and love Gordon Ramseys outbursts, I have to say that right now HFW gets my vote. You can find out more about the programme here.

Staying with the screen I am pleased to announce a new concept in fly fishing entertainment that is about to hit the UK. That is a whole 2 hours of unadulterated fish porn on a cinema screen near you! There are tickets available for shows in London, Reading, Manchester, Edinburgh and Exeter. If any of you are interested I thought it maybe nice to put together our own crew of fish-porners, head to the show and maybe grab a beer afterwards? See here for more information and booking. If your male, how can your wife or girlfriend refuse you looking at 2 fins? And if you are not already a mad keen fisher lady, why not join the other half and see just why they are so obsessed by this fly fishing lark?!

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