Thursday, 3 September 2009

Fun in the Rain

Now I promise this won't be my only blog post of September and hey, I did do one just a few days ago anyway .... see here. I have also got into this twittering lark, check this. Nick Hart Fly Fishing on Twitter

Anyway what a great day we had yesterday! Hugh Caslake who has been progressing as a fly angler for several years made his annual pilgrimage to our shores. Yesterday he stepped out on his favoured River Exe with me and despite the inclement weather heading towards us a few tactical changes resulted in a very successful session. After a bunch of the usual 8" Wild Browns this lovely plump Brown in prime condition snaffled a tiny dry.

Next up was a Grayling. These fish are one of my favourite of all time and I just love the fact that we can get guests into them on a frequent basis. Hugh went on to take another couple of fish of this kind of standard. Again the successful method was a tiny dry. At this time of year going smaller and dropping leader diameter can be the difference between fish, or no fish. Up leader length too. 14' plus is not too much. The successful dry in question is a tiny Klinkhammer that I asked Iain Barr to have tied for us, with a subtle pearl rib and hackle that supports the fly perfectly, this fly has accounted for a great deal of fish including this specimen Grayling. Balloon Caddis are also getting a pasting.

Hugh is visiting with Martin who has been after a Wild Brown Trout for a while now but never managed to land one. We set to work and after a little bit of casting tuition the rhythm was found and I was confident that pretty soon we would be into fish. The first one hooked jumped 3' clear of the water and threw the hook but the 2nd was kept under control and netted. That fish opened the floodgates for Martin who had a go on his own and took more Brown Trout and a Grayling which judging by his excitement was quite a fish. The camera was not there for that one but lets see what the next few days bring. The rivers are going to be out due to the heavy rainfall but we are blessed here with all manner of fishing opportunities so finding something to do won't be a problem.

Check out this rain. Hugh was even pulling fish in these conditions although a switch to the nymph was required. Not the most pleasant of weather but decent waterproofs keep the rain at bay and while I would prefer to have been guiding in short sleeves my thoughts did wander towards the chance of a Salmon. Fish are reportedly queuing up at the estuary and there is every chance of a bumper end to the season. On that note we had better head to the waters edge.

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