Monday, 14 September 2009

More Big Grayling

What a glorious weekend! Finally the sun has been shining, the skies were blue and best of all the fish were really switched on. My Saturday rod was Brian Frost who has been fly fishing for well over 20 years, but always on still waters. So his son decided to do something about this and purchased a Guided Fly Fishing session on a river.

We spent a half hour tuning up casting on the side of the lake, mainly discussing the requirement for a smooth stop. Brian had got used to forcing the rod when making his final presentation. But this experienced angler learned fast and soon we were stepping out on to the River Exe.

The day could not have gone better. Flies were hatching, the Trout were popping and best of all very willing to take a well presented artificial. We fished a short morning session, breaking for an early lunch as I am finding the fish are really switching on at about 1.00pm to 3.30pm, then things virtually switch off. The cooling autumnal breeze makes sure of that.

Brian's best fish of the day is shown here, another stunning Exe Grayling. Of course plenty of Wild Browns showed too although the only mishap of the day was a rather large specimen that took Brian by surprise, powered downstream and slipped the hook. The Grayling pictured was interesting. Just 20 minutes previously we had picked up another, smaller fish. After fishing for it over a 20 minute period we witnessed it move to a couple of small dry patterns but not take them. We tried a nymph or two, no good. Then back to the midge and once again it looked. So I then decided that we should throw it a real gob full and asked Brian to cast a Stimulator at it. First chuck, up it came and woofed it! This was Brian's first Grayling on his first ever river session so you can imagine his delight. Moving to the next pool we spotted the Grayling pictured skulking on the bottom. Dries had no effect, but an X Factor nymph was snapped up on the first presentation. The point here; it pays to be adaptable. Just because one method worked on a fish, does not mean it will on another and this is particularly the case when river fishing.

I am also enjoying the fact that this year we have broken away from the Klinkhammer and started alternating patterns, the Balloon Caddis and Stimlator have become particular favourites. The X Factor nymph is also going to feature regularly in catches during the winter Grayling season.

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  1. This is very goo d indeed,well written and laid out. Caught my first grayling when i was 13 and they are good fighters. then click on other hubs by thor6 to read the rest.
    Take care and have a good weekend.