Monday, 21 September 2009

New Wychwood Competition Fly Box

For the last year or so I have been using the great range of Wychwood Vuefinder fly boxes and many of my guests have been converted too. These brilliant products come with a range of inserts (although the slot foam is my own favourite), tough clips and a waterproof seal.

The Vuefinder is finished off with a see through lid which gives the box its name. Of course it is great to be able to look through at all that lovely fluff but far more practical is the ability to pick the deadly pattern you need, prior to opening. Very handy in the rain.

During the last year I have been using the the two sizes available for both stillwater and river fishing and have nothing but praise for them. The boxes are tough, they float (which is handy because I drop my frequently!) and fit easily into my fly pack. See here for the original Vuefinders.

But, now there is an all new addition to the range, a Big Daddy of a Vuefinder. This is the Wychwood Competition box that will store up to 1000 flies!

Think of the enjoyable evenings ahead spent by the fire stocking up your mother ship box, ready for the new season. And if your a competition angler there is an ingenious design element that has been incorporated into the reliable locking clip. A competition hook & fly gauge. In a word .... outstanding!

If you would like to be one of the first to get your hands on one of these brilliant boxes that retail for just £29.99, and take advantage of our 10% off launch deal, please see here Wychwood Competition Box

Writing this at 7.45pm and its almost dark outside, can't believe it! Oh well, lets hope we get a late spate and a few Salmon to ease the pain of the long winters nights. Although Eumer tube has me looking forward very much to a rekindled desire for fly tying, especially once our house is extended and at last I will have my own fishing den again. Cool.

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