Monday, 7 September 2009

Success on a Guided Salmon Session

Over the weekend I spent a very enjoyable couple of days fishing with Tim Watson and Tony Kaye. The original plan was to go after Bass, but the fish are just not around right now. The weather is very much to blame but also I like to head to marks where 6" school Bass don't keep impaling themselves on large hooks, even if they are de-barbed. A weight 8 rod seems crazy in such circumstances but the wind condition will often dictate that it must be used. So instead of the Saltwater we turned our attention to the River Exe.

A spate just a few days before had curtailed any ideas of a Salmon for Hugh Caslake and Martin Baum who instead went after Wild Brown Trout on Wednesday as the river began to rise. See here and many thanks Hugh for your kind words received by email "Cheers for a wonderful three days - the Exe was as good as ever and the Barle, which is amazingly beautiful seems to hold a rising fish every few feet. Mart and I both lost count of the fish we caught which can't be bad can it! Hugh.

But Tim and Tony were about spot on for the Salmon. The river was up, perhaps a little clear but from the first cast I was confident that we would encounter fish and we did. Tim caught this Grilse at about 2pm in the afternoon. Just a small specimen of perhaps 6lbs and no more, plus it was a red Cock fish, but non the less a Salmon which got the adrenalin flowing. The fish was of course safely released.

The day was all the more sweet for Tim as he has had a 100% success rate on this beat, taking another Salmon back in 2007 which was in fact my very first blog posting. See here for that story. After this initial excitement the Salmon fishing died a little and only a few reports of fish came in. This seems to be changing today (Monday 7th Sept 09) and I hope that maybe a few more fresh fish may turn up. I have to say that the pulling power of Cone Head Tubes (responsible for the capture of Tim's fish) is amazing and tomorrow will give a few a swim myself as I know that the Exe just a few minutes away has produced at least 2 fish during today. You can keep up with my daily River Exe reports here

We all love to see fish return safely to their home and especially when the migratory fish in question is about to help produce further sport for the future. Here Tim's Grilse makes its way back to the depths of Bend Pool.

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