Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fly Fishing versus THE FLU!

Allowing Parisian outfit Accent Mix by Vmix FM to pump electronica through my eardrums (at quite a high volume) is probably not the best cure for the Flu. But its more enjoyable than Nurofen. So while melodic tunes course through the office what else can I do to help cure this quite pointless illness?

A trip to the cinema last night to enjoy the Fly Fishing Film Festival may have helped, but its that time of year when the phone rings constantly and the web orders spike as gifts are stockpiled for more than a few lucky anglers. So work had to come first and unfortunately the same has to go for the Itchen trip I had been invited to attend later this week. Two kicks in the butt and then my missus gives me flu, thanks sweetheart!

Nick who organised the film festival event playing out of the Exeter Vue Cinema on 24/11/09 was on the phone earlier today I understand (I was blowing my nose at the time!) and I am sure the evening was a massive success. This review regarding the London showing earlier in the year by Charles Rangeley-Wilson certainly seems very favourable.

A quick break to tap out a blog is definitely helping my flu head and I always enjoy a bit of Twitter in between booking in courses or chatting about the latest in fishing tackle. My new iPhone is here to help with that (how did I live without the calender???) but right now I don't really want to go near the touch screen. I doubt you need the gory details! So gadgets are out too ... (is the iPhone guaranteed against snot!?)

So when I am feeling like life has just given me a kick in the arse there is no better thing to do than think about a particular fishing day or perhaps a fish? So right now I am thinking about this ....

Do reservoir Rainbows get much better? This fish taken on Farmoor last year was just one of an epic haul that James Warbrick-Smith and I enjoyed. I am feeling better already as I begin plotting a new Farmoor trip to make up for the Itchen, the need for overtime and my snotty iPhone!

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