Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Hectic World of Fly Fishing ... usual service resumed!

Whoops .... there went October! One post later its already Guy Fawkes night and after this I guess its downhill towards Christmas. The trouble is these days I am spending less and less time at the computer (actually that's a good thing!) in between guiding and running Hart Flyshop ... so my chances to blog are few and far between. But that is about to change ... all thanks to the iPhone.

I am signed up with the Orange mobile network although I came very close to signing up with O2 during the summer, such was my desire to get my hands on an iPhone. But the O2 signal around here is terrible so I hung on and was very pleased when Orange announced their new deal allowing them to sell the iPhone. I for one cannot wait to get my hands on one ... especially as I know a ton of friends and more than a few guests who own one. Just last week I was growing more envious by the moment during a guided session on the Anton as one of my guests, Damian, showed me the benefits of this incredible gadget. So in 2010 my posts will often be live from the riverbank and judging by some of the great experiences I have enjoyed alongside guests recently this will bring a whole new dimension to the world of Nick Hart Fly Fishing & Hart Flyshop.

Take last week for example with two of my regular guests Tim and Tony. Fishing the River Test during a perfect Autumnal day the duo managed to extract Grayling after Grayling on a mixture of techniques, although sight fished Pink Hares Ears Shrimps did most of the damage. We went for long tapered leaders in the clear water, tipped off with fluorocarbon and it was imperative to lift the nymph in a seductive manner with the help of the rod tip. A straight dead drift resulted in a very few takes. The tackle of choice was a 10'0" Streamflex which makes for excellent control when practicing this technique. Here are a few memories from the day.

The days just got started but already Tim has banked his first Grayling of the day measuring in at 17" This fish required a couple of fly changes and I altered the leader diameter for Tim too, its always satisfying when a change pays off.

All the fish caught during the session were safely returned including this specimen, Tim taking one final chance to display that famous iconic fin.

Tony Kaye gets in on the action too with another pristine chalk stream Grayling. These are never the cheapest venues to fish but look at the clarity of that water in the background. Hard to resist.

There was no stopping Tim, in one hectic 20 minute spell he banked another 6 fish. By lunchtime he was approaching a double figure tally after just a couple of hours of fishing. Numbers don't matter of course, but hit it right and big catches are possible. The Test was rammed full of Grayling and this year the average size is well up on past seasons.

A well earned rest and lunch out of the back of my trusty fishing wagon. This Toyota has done me proud now for 7 seasons! I was going to change it this year and then found my dream Black VR6 Corrado. I hope to get my hands on a G60 in the future to pair up with my 16V and then I have the full set. Oh and by the way many thanks to the Aston Martin and Evo owners I shared some time with during my trip back down the A303 from The Phirm on Monday. I digress .... lunch hit the spot so it was time for some more fishing!

After lunch we ran into someone else looking for a meal. See above. Can you spot it? Answers on a postcard please! And I almost packed the Pike gear!

After a few more River Test Grayling I loaded up the truck and transported Tim and Tony to a stretch of the Anton, a tributary of the Test that joins the main river close by to the Mayfly Inn. Tim was soon aggravating the Anton residents too!

Tony sporting the fashionable one hand Grayling fin up "rod over the shoulder pose", a look finished off with one of our great baseball caps. Get yours here. And this was the deadly fly, Grayling cannot resist them! Buy your Pink Hares Ear Shrimps here.

Tomorrow .... can you spot fish? Then you should be able to spot a frogman!

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