Sunday, 8 November 2009

River Anton Grayling

This is a busy time of year as we ready the shop for Christmas and these days the fishery also sees an influx of anglers who have learned that the cooler months often offer the best sport. Traditionally this is also a period when guests book in to start a winter course of casting, pepping up their game in readiness for the new season. And of course there are also Grayling.

Just last week I was out with Paul, Phil and Damian who enjoyed there first ever Grayling day on a chalkstream. The Anton was the venue of choice and here are a few memories from the session.

Paul's first ever chalkstream Grayling. The smile says it all!

Having settled Paul and Damian into the swing of things I set off up river to find Phil. When I found him he reported 6 fish to his rod already! We found a pod of Grayling together and I began working on them with Phil, watching his leader for any signs of movement. This was a technique that Phil had not used before but he soon mastered it and extracted several more fish including this pretty specimen above. And just look at the vegetation all around. This is a very well kept chalkstream but has the feeling of being wild, in many ways preferable to over manicured beats. Phil also hooked a sizable out of season Brown which snatched the fly away from our intended Grayling, tore all around the pool, jumped and spat the hook! Great sport and great weather, shirt sleeves in October ... can't be bad!

The Anton
- well kept, not over manicured and stuffed with Grayling!

What a lunch! Paul turned up with an incredible spread consisting of Hunters Sandwiches, Pasties and a stunning Bakewell Tart. All topped of with some decent Ale! The Anton is home to several fishing huts that proved to be the ideal venue for this bank side banquet.

Team Grayling. Waders on, pasties and beer in hand ... rods at the ready and a whole afternoon of River Anton Grayling to enjoy. Does life get much better?

Post lunch bonanza. Phil adds to his tally as the ladies of the stream continue to find his charm irresistible!

Damian with his best fish of the day and what a run around it gave us. Three times it almost took but then refused a dry. A nymph got eaten, but rejected before Damian could react and then many casts and changes later we got it all right. The fish actually accepting the original nymph once more! There is little that compares to such visual fishing and Grayling unlike Trout give anglers plenty of chance to tempt them.

Paul with the best fish of the day.

I have many incredible adventures with my guests but some days stand out and this will be one of them. An awesome river, 3 great guys, a top notch lunch and shoals of hungry Grayling. Such events live with me forever and are made all the more memorable when someone takes the time to drop me a line about their experience.

"Thanks for yesterday it was one of the best days fishing I have ever had." Paul Prictor, Swindon 2009

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